Summer Set Stories: Common
by Stephen Mann



Chicago, IL

Common (born Lonnie Rashid Lynn, and formerly Common Sense) is an American Hip-Hop legend hailing from Chicago, Illinois. His lyrics have inspired loyal fans for over 20 years since his first album, “Can I Borrow a Dollar”, was released in 1992. Since then, he’s won 5 BET awards, and been nominated for 11 Grammy’s including “Best Rap Album”, and “Best R&B Song.”  He has collaborated with artists such as Kanye West,, J-Dilla, and Lauryn Hill.

Common produces the kind of lyric that really excludes itself from the typical hip-hop “gangsterism” of his era. His third album, “One Day It’ll All make Sense”, was released days before his daughter, Omoye, was born. In this album he addresses family values, abortion, musical integrity, and even religion. After it’s release, “One Day” quickly became a critically acclaimed album worldwide, and got Common a major record label deal with MCA Records.

Common has shown himself to be much more than just an exceptional artist and producer.  He has a degree from Florida A&M in Business Administration, and he recently wrote a book entitled “One Day It’ll All Make Sense.” Common also has an acclaimed acting career, and has been featured in Blockbuster titles such as, “Date Night”, “Terminator Salvation”, “Street Kings”, and “Wanted”. He currently stars as Elam Ferguson in the AMC western television series “Hell on Wheels.”

Common remains active in his community, and uses his non-profit, the Common Ground Foundation, to promote youth and student success. He regularly speaks on college campuses nationwide, and inspires students to believe in themselves. He recently spoke at Arizona State University, where he had a message for the students there: “Being great means using your gifts to the highest level, and to impact others…by doing so, you inspire others to reach their highest potential”.

If you’re looking for a hip-hop artist who offers meaningful lyrics and sick beats, you better be at Summerset to see Common throw down his lyrical flow!

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