Summer Set Survival Guide
by Annette Lucero


First timers, we recommend the read before attending Summer Set. And veterans- comment any extra tips you deem helpful in the threads. Play nice everyone. 🙂


Hydrate. Eat. Rest. Some of you guys are coming in from an hour away, and some of you are coming in from the other side of the country. Please be honest with yourself about how hydrated you are, how fed you are and how rested you are. Don’t make the rookie mistake of tiring yourself out by the second day; festival stamina comes with time.

Protip: If you’re not feeling so great, sit a set or two out to cool yourself down. No set is worth risking your health for! And if you’re really not feeling well, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO VISIT THE MEDICAL TENT OR ASK STAFF FOR HELP! No matter your situation, our staff is there for your safety and that’s it. We do not want to get you in trouble, we just want to make sure you are safe. That is our number one priority and we cannot stress that enough. Please please PLEASE ask for help if you are not feeling well. And if you see someone who looks like they are struggling, please be a good samaritan; get them to help or alert a staff member immediately! Lets keep each other safe out there!



Your personal water container options are endless- bring one. Whether that is a water sack, Camelback or re-usable water bottle, make sure you always have water on you. It may be August, but Summer Set can get really hot. Don’t be best friends with heat exhaustion.

Protip: We have free water refill stations throughout the festival grounds, and they are all marked on the official map; use them! Almost all of the casualties and fatalities at music festivals come from dehydration and heat exhaustion; make sure to stay safe and to keep yourself hydrated!

Protip: Try bringing a communal water storage unit for the campsite! Whether the water supply is kept in a few five liter water jugs, or even a five gallon plastic water jug, you’d be surprised how much water your crew uses for drinking, rinsing, and cooking. We recommend grabbing a water pump to make water distribution easier.

Crowd Etiquette

Spread the PLUR/PLURR vibes around and keep the people around you in mind. There’s nothing worse than trying to get down to one of your favorite artists and having people slam into you or be rude to you. Also, if someone looks like they’re not having a fun time or doing too hot, check in and make sure they’re okay and enjoying every minute of the festival. Happy festie-goers lead to a magical time, so make sure to keep an eye out for each other and strengthen the love!

Campsite Safety and Comfort

Keep irreplaceable items at home or locked in your car! While people like to look out for each other at Summer Set, it’s always better to play it safe than sorry and keep anything irreplaceable away from the campsite. But even taking theft out of the equation, campsites can often get dusty and sweaty, leaving items open to damage. If there is something that you’re worried about but must bring, keep it in the car until you need it or always on your person. And if you’re worried that your phone or other small electronic device getting ruined due to the heat and sweat, Ziploc sandwich bags are a lifesaver.

Protip: Purchase a small pad lock to lock your tent zipper shut when you are away from the campsite.

Bring and wear comfortable clothing! This is a big detail that many often forget. When packing your bag for Summer Set, remember that you’re gonna be outdoors in the heat for three days straight. In addition, much of the Summer Set site is unpaved; you will be walking on dirt paths or grass the majority of the time. Make sure to pack comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!

Prepare for all types of weather! Although the weekend of Summer Set is often bright and sunny, you never know when a thunderstorm or a chilly night will creep up on you. Make sure to plan ahead and bring rain gear and cool weather attire. Even if it seems like more room in your suitcase,  you’ll be happy to have brought a poncho or hoodie when the time comes.

Use the buddy system! Although the Summer Set festival grounds feel cozy, it’s still really freaking big with tons of people in every direction. Wherever you go throughout the festival, bring a buddy with you. You never know when you’ll accidentally make a wrong turn and end up in a completely different campsite. It’s better for two people to be lost together than alone.

Decide a meeting place with your festie fam! Again, the Summer Set festival grounds are very large; there will be times where you may lose phone service or your phone will die. Set up a meeting place for re-grouping with your crew and make sure you know how to get to that meeting place. Don’t waste time searching the grounds for your friends when you could be catching sets!

Create a schedule for the weekend! Summer Set is jam-packed with talented artists from across the genre spectrum; try out a new act if you get the chance. Make sure to check the Summer Set App for updates and to create a set schedule for the weekend. Artist set times and stage information are all on the app; use it to help manage overlapping set times!


Alright, it’s festi go-time. The cheat sheet below is a helpful skeleton of stuff you may need for the festival. AND REMEMBER: Pack smart! Try not to over-pack your car (i.e. the driver can’t see out the back window). What you put into the car must fit back in post-weekend shenanigans. And come Monday when you’re tired as hell, you’re going to be really appreciative of having packed “just enough”.


Campsite List:


*This really depends on your campsite; we recommend one tent per site to leave room for a canopy, cooking space, etc. *

Protip: Try setting up your tent before the festival. Doing so gives you a chance to make sure everything is working and clean. Make sure to bring extra stakes; if it gets really windy, double staking your tent and canopy will help keep your stuff secure.

TWO tarps per tent

Protip: One for the ground, one for above! If it rains, the ground WILL get saturated with water, so make sure to place a tarp under your tent WHEN YOU’RE SETTING IT UP. If you grab a tarp for the top, make sure you have extra rope or bungee cords available. Recommended tarp ranges: 5’x5’, 8’x8’ and 10’x10’. We recommend at least 4 bungee chords or a long wrap of rope to secure your tent tarp.


*Shade for your campsite. If you don’t have one, we recommend bringing an extra tarp and two ropes.*


*Great shade builders, whether as canopy walls or stretched above you!*

Communal Water Supply

Protip: Whether this is one of the ideas above, or just cases of water, make sure you have enough water per person. We recommend three cases minimum for three people.

Portable Grill with Propane Tanks

*Not charcoal-based, not your backyard beast… PORTABLE AND PROPANE-BASED*


Protip: These work great for quick campsite showers and dish rinsing. If you’re looking to hit up more festivals in the long term, we recommend grabbing a portable shower as well. These black bags use solar power to heat up water; by the time you get back to camp, your water will be ready to go. Keep in mind that if you get a shower bag, you will need a canopy edge or portable shower stand to hold up the bag.

Foldable Campsite Table

*We recommend bringing one to help in food prep, as well as game time!*


Protip: We recommend bringing one for cold foods; some people like to bring one-two more for dry foods and liquids. While ice will be sold on-site at the festival, it helps to buy ice beforehand, too.

Personal Necessities:

Air Mattress

Sleeping Bags/Blankets/Towels/Pillows

*We recommend one of each per person*

Protip: Bring foam floor tiles/mats to cover your tent floor for a soft, flat surface to lay on.


*We recommend one flashlight per person, and a communal lantern for use*

Garbage Bags

*We recommend either heavy duty or black construction bags*

Plastic Plates, Bowls, Cups, Knives, Forks, Spoons

Protip: Bring re-usable plates, bowls and utensils! You’ll help reduce your plastic waste and be able to re-use them in the future as well.

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Dish Soap and Sponge

Rubbing Alcohol

Hand Sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Protip: While we do recommend using dish soap and a sponge to wash your cooking utensils, rubbing alcohol goes the extra mile for items dealing with raw meats. We also recommend bringing a mini, travel-sized hand sanitizer with you to the festival; cleaning your hands before you grab a bite and after the porta-potties is a nice touch. Lastly, the golden cheat-sheet item to festivals: baby wipes. You can use baby wipes to help freshen up in-between sets, clean items at your campsite – the list goes on. Bring some with!

Knife/Cutting Board/Pot/Frying Pan

Protip: If you’re looking to cook breakfast or dinner at the festival, these are essentials. Pots can be used to boil water for hot drinks, as well as boiling eggs or pasta. Frying pans can make campsite meals a game changer when the deli meat isn’t cutting it.

Sunscreen/Aloe Vera

*“I don’t burn, I need to tan, etc”- okay, we get it; everyone wants some sun love. Yet, even Bassnectar can vouch himself as a pretty big dude on sunscreen. And if you burn easily, we recommend Aloe Vera and shoulder-covering tees, too.*


*YOOO THESE PUPPIES ARE NEEDED. You’ll be listening to music for hours, so grab a pair (and an extra!) for the festival. Also, when your neighbors are turning up at 4 am and you’re trying to grab some sleep before sunrise, a pair of earplugs will be perfect.*

Cough Drops

*If your throat is prone to getting dry, we recommend bringing a few cough drops to the festival. Since a lot of our terrain is grassy and filled with the occasional dirt path, dust gets kicked up easily. Cough drops will help keep your throat moisture in check. *

Campsite Marking Point

*Make sure your crew has an eye-catching marker for when they head back to the campsite; it’ll make finding your tent that much easier.*

Duct Tape

*Honestly, it works great for last-second tears such as tarp repair, tent holes, etc. It always helps to have some on hand.*

Optional Grocery List:



            Deli Meets/Cheese

            Meats to Grill (Hamburgers, Brats, Hotdogs, etc.)

            Fruits (Watermelon, Grapes, Apples, Bananas, Clementine’s, etc.)

            Veggies (Peppers, Carrots, etc – Protip: Cut your veggies before the festival! Make sure to place them in a plastic container so that they stay dry throughout the weekend.)


            Granola Bars


            Peanut Butter/Jelly/Nutella

            Drinks (Water, Gatorade, Lemonade…the potential is endless)
Protip: Drink lots of electrolytes! You need to replenish your body continously as you sweat all day.

            Propane for the Grill

            Bug Spray

General Clothing Items:




            Rain Jacket/Poncho


            Beach Sandals

            Pair of Shoes for the Weekend

            Bathing Suit






                        Body Wash

                        Hair Products

                        Hair Brush


                        Makeup Remover


                       Deodorant (PLEASE, FOR EVERYONE’S SAKE)

                        Condoms (Incase you get lucky)

                        Feminine Products

                        Cough Drops

                        Aspirin/Allergy Medicine/Inhaler/First-Aid Kit

                        Contacts/Contact Case/Eye Drops

                        Ear Plugs

We are very excited to share our fifth year with you all. Thank you all for your support; we can’t wait to share Summer Set weekend with you. And if you still haven’t gotten your tickets, make sure to snag them here!


Written by Annette Lucero and Bradley Loiederman