The Dead Presidents Tour: Gent & Jawns @ The Loft 8/21/15
by Bradley Loiederman


Gent & Jawns, which is composed of Billy the Gent and Long Jawns, is a duo from DC known for their trap throwdowns, moombahton grooves, and epic remixes. After showing them that Minnesota goes wild in January, they are coming back to The Loft on August 21st!



In 2009, producers and long-time friends Billy the Gent and Long Jawns decided it was time to make a change and progress in their careers: that’s when Gent & Jawns was formed! Soon after, they released their first single, “Vibrate”, and immediately got praise from all over the board. They then went on to work with Diplo in creating his Express Yourself EP; after he saw the impressive work these two push out, Diplo went on to commissioning them to remix the hit single, “Express Yourself”, creating a remix that was frequently spun by DJs all over the world! Shortly after, they released their first EP on Mad Decent’s Jeffrees label. On that album was arguably the number one trap track of 2012, “Turn Up”, which held position as the top electronic song on Soundcloud for over two weeks!



When looking at Gent & Jawns musically, it’s hard to put them in one specific category or genre. Billy the Gent and Long Jawns have very different styles, so combining the two will sometimes create a fist-pumping hard trap tune and other times will create a funky, hard-hitting moombahton track. And sometimes neither of the two will happen, and a melodic trap tune will come out of the gang, like in their remix of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”. Or sometimes, like in “Kings”, a grimy, dark trap track will be born, turning any club dance floor into a late-night, rainy alley party. It’s Gent & Jawns’ versatility in their music that makes them so unique and makes crowds go wild!



With years of chart-topping tracks and remixes under their belt, and with a versatile sound that gives you a taste of every type of trap music, Gent & Jawns is not an artist you want to miss! So get ready to vibrate and turn up with Gent & Jawns at the Dead Presidents Tour on August 21st!

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