The Dead Presidents Tour: Meaux Green @ The Loft 8/21/15
by Bradley Loiederman



Meaux Green, who hails from Miami and Las Vegas, is a trap producer who’s been tearing up the scene recently with tracks being featured on BBC Radio 1,, and many more! He is finally coming to Minneapolis for the first time on August 21st at The Loft!



In summer of 2009, Mo Green decided to redesign himself as Meaux Green, leaving the hip-hop world and joining the electronic scene. Working hard and trying to find the perfect cross between his hip-hop influence and electronic interest, he released his “Whistle Song Bootleg” in 2013. This immediately brought him attention from industry legends Moby and Boys Noize and led to him being commissioned on Henry Fong’s records. With all this happening so fast, named Meaux Green as the “Next Big Sound” in 2013, and they definitely were not wrong! As his popularity soared, his releases were picked up by top EDM sites, such as, Trap and Bass, and ThisSongSlaps. This led him to being commissioned for official remixes of Flosstradamus tracks on Ultra and collaborating with arists such as Caked Up, Tropkillaz, Party Favor, and much more! In 2014, he signed to Mad Decent and has been touring and working on new tracks and remixes ever since.



What makes Meaux Green stand out from many other trap artists is that he has a heavy history with hip-hop, and it definitely influences his music. His tracks and remixes still have heavy trap flavors, following the peak and valley pattern and having heavy sounds that make a crowd go wild. However, they have very heavy hip-hop elements as well, creating this mixtape-like feel that makes the audience wonder if the song is about to drop or if an MC is about to go off. Take the track he released three months back with Mr. Collipark and Cupid, “No Discrimination”. The song has a heavy trap beat and follows the sequence of most trap songs, starting off fast but not heavy and then building up until a drop. However, he uses some hard tapping sounds often used in hip-hop and an MC at the beginning to add that curiosity, making the listener wonder if it’s about to drop or if Danny Brown is about to jump out. This blend of hip-hop and trap music, which Meaux Green calls rave-hop, makes his music unique and will keep you raging till the sun comes up!



In just a few short years, Meaux Green has shown the electronic scene that hip-hop isn’t too far from home and has gone very far because of it. His crowd-blasting tracks mixed with his heavy remixes and hip-hop influences makes Meaux Green like no one else around! So let’s rave-hop all night and give this southerner a taste of what Minnesota has to offer at The Loft on August 21st!

Tickets are available here.