The Floozies @ The Loft 5/2/2014
by Stephen Mann


With a combination of electronic bass, melodic funk, and smooth rhythmic tempos The Floozies have captured a sound that’s truly unforgettable. Producer/guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark hill are the two brothers behind the creation of this revolutionary sound that you don’t want to miss. The duo’s combination of energizing funk and electronic production has been seen turning venues all over the world into legendary dance parties.

Founded in 2009, The Floozies released a steady stream of EPs, LPs, and singles to begin the foundation of their fan base. Their single “Stuntin”, released January of 2013, combines a unique blend of 70’s guitar riffs, with significant bass tones that you can’t help but dance to. The duo has also been featured in Griz’s song “Simple” which, once again, exceeds anything but an ordinary sound.

The Floozies proudly released their first full length studio album, “Tell Your Mother”, on November 5th 2013. This electro-funk album includes hit tracks “Ice Cold”, “Love, Sex, and Fancy Things”, “Booger Bear”, and the namesake track “Tell Your Mother”. Over the course of 2013, this album was created both in studio and on the road using a mixture of retro and modern synthesizers along with live instrumentation. The band has appeared at numerous festivals, including Summer Camp Music Festival, Easter Island Music Festival, and Wakarusa Festival. They will be on tour through July being featured around the country at various venues and festivals including High Sierra Music Festival, The Hudson Project, and Northern Lights Music Festival.

The duos latest release remixes Queen’s single “Fat Bottomed Girls” and T-Pain’s “Booty Wurk” to create a classic, yet memorable tune. The song “Assthem” is truly ground breaking with its perfect combination of classic versus contemporary sound.

Fans worldwide have grown to love, respect, and yearn for the electro-funky fresh sounds that the Floozies have created. The Floozies popularity has grown a significant amount in the past few years, and will only continue to grow throughout 2014. Undoubtedly, The Floozies have put the ‘funk’ back in ‘funky town.’03a2dd938e0c8ead52d0f6d38272a7a3

Don’t miss your chance to vibe with The Floozies on Friday May 2nd at The Loft in Minneapolis, MN. Tickets are still available online. Click here for more info.