Tropical Legend Thomas Jack Brings the Heat to Rev on June 10th!
by Bradley Loiederman


Tropical house, a genre unheard of before 2010, has gained extreme popularity in the past years and has been one of the highlighted genres in many large-scale venues and festivals. Much of this rise is due to Thomas Jack, an Australian producer that was one of the first to put tropical house on the map in the electronic community. After a long wait, he will finally be making his way to Minneapolis at Rev Ultra Lounge on June 10th!

Known as the artist to coin the genre name “Tropical House”, Thomas Jack has quickly made his way to the top of the electronic pyramid in only three years. After releasing a couple remixes of some large tracks in 2013, he released his remix of One Republic’s “Counting Stars”, which quickly gained over three million plays on soundcloud. Since then, he has released a plethora of other tropical house takes on indie-pop songs, such as Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, all gaining millions of plays on soundcloud. In 2014, he started his mix series, Thomas Jack Presents…, later featuring artists such as Klingande and Pete Tong. Although there have only been nine volumes to his mix series, Thomas Jack Presents… has already gained over 20 million plays on soundcloud alone. Not only has Thomas Jack been killing it with remixes and his mix series, but he has also made a gigantic impact on live music and the festie scene. Since his start in 2013, he has played at some of the biggest festivals around, such as Snowball, Coachella, Mad Decent Block Party, Ultra, and Governor’s Ball. He has even had the opportunity to curate his own stage at TomorrowWorld! In 2015, he signed to Warner Records to release his first full-length album, which he plans to release this year. Thomas Jack is a king in tropical house, and his festival impact and new album release make him an artist to keep your eyes on!

Thomas Jack’s sound is so essential and unique heavily due to the genres and artists that influence him. Rather than just adding some tropical-sounding woodwinds and a xylophone to an already existing chill house track, Thomas Jack takes in influences from acoustic rock and jam bands to create his tracks. Let’s take his remix of MYNGA’s “Back Home” as an example. Within the first minute of the track, it could already be mistaken for a jam band playing in someone’s garage is San Diego, with a slow-tempo percussion and chill guitar chords that bring in the summer vibe. The other part of this track to focus on when looking at Thomas Jack’s sound is the drop. The drop is a smooth transition from the rest of the song, focusing on a single sax to bring the track through, almost as if it is an improved solo in a jam band. Mixing this signature sound with the pop and indie songs he usually remixes, Thomas Jack creates these beautiful mixes and sets that no other artist can replicate!

Although Thomas Jack was the one to coin tropical house as the genre name and is seen as one of the fathers of the genre, he told Noisey in 2015 that he’s over tropical house and doesn’t want to be cornered into a genre. He said that tropical house is getting too commercialized and that he doesn’t want to be limited to only doing tropical house, especially with his new album on the radar. He claims that although his new album will have tropical house in it, a lot of the new tracks he’s writing is very Burning Man oriented. Although no one is sure what he means quite yet, Friday is the chance to catch his set and see what his new stuff is about!

In just a short three years, Thomas Jack has gone from being a small town dairy farmer in Australia to one of the kings of tropical house! He’s released numerous remixes and sets that have skyrocketed on soundcloud, and he’s made a gigantic impact on some of the biggest festivals in the world. His talent of conglomerating deep house vibes and jam band aesthetics has both created what is seen as tropical house and yet is still only truly done by him. With his new album on the horizon and his festival circuit skyrocketing his career, now is the perfect time to catch Thomas Jack live! So get your swimsuits and sunglasses ready for a tropical night with Thomas Jack on June 10th at Rev Ultra Lounge!

Tickets are available here.