Thugli @ The Loft 6-26-15
by Bradley Loiederman


Thugli, which is composed of Tom Wrecks and Pat Drastik, is a Canadian trap duo best known for their Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold appearances. They are finally making their way to The Loft on June 26th with Dotcom!

In the summer of 2012, producers Tom Wrecks and Pat Drastik decided to leave their solo projects and start a new project which they called Thugli, blending dirty southern rap with heavy electronic music. They boosted their new project with bootleg and remix releases on Soundcloud and quickly grasped the attention of huge names in the industry, such as Diplo and Flosstradamus. Very shortly after, they started releasing remixes on large labels such as Dim Mak, Fool’s Gold, and Universal. Although they have started to release original tracks, Thugli still works closely with these labels, releasing mind-blowing remixes for many different artists.

Whether you’re listening to a bumping bootleg, a raging remix, or an original track, Thugli throws down hard and brings the raw sound back into trap music! Take their track, β€œOut Of My Mind”, for example: the track starts with a heavy gasp and very slow, creepy drops and thumps. It quickly turns into a track you would hear on Halloween, with light vocals repeating the same eerie line over and over again. As the song builds, you can feel your heart starting to race with the intensifying beat. The drop is smooth and raw, keeping the eerie vibe while making your body starting to bounce. A song this raw yet still so hype is a sound only produced by Thugli!

Not only are their producing skills intense, but Thugli’s live skills are some rare to trap music nowadays! Thugli is all about keeping a live component to spinning trap music, and they definitely won’t be lacking on this in Minneapolis! Their live show is done heavily using a set of four Technics 1200’s, one of the most popular turntables around! In a time that using turntables is growing slim, Thugli is not an artist to miss!

Thugli incorporates raw, dirty sounds with energetic electronic music, creating slimy yet delightful trap tracks and remixes. Mix this with their live take on trap DJing, and you’ve got a combination that will keep you moving and jumping till you wake up the sun! So let’s show these Canadians a taste of what Minnesota’s got at The Loft on June 26th!

Tickets are available here.