Trashy Adventures: Tommy Trash
by Annette Lucero

Photo Oct 10, 12 45 41 PM (1)

Seasonal stress could not be complete without the perfect escape route: REV’s Tommy Trash “LUV U GIV” Tour. Back once more in Minneapolis and ready to throw the place down, Wednesday night is shaping up to make Thanksgiving Day a welcome recovery. Just ask the locals the last time they saw Tommy Trash at EPIC Nightclub; stoked is an understatement. High-mob energy and progressive-electro house pair themselves beautifully in a city known for its hidden dance moves.

Minneapolis finds itself lucky to host the boundary-setting icon once more. Spending the majority of 2015 in a producing and touring recluse, Thomas Olsen doesn’t disappoint fans when a twist gets thrown into the mix. Tommy Trash’s recent “LUV U GIV” EP drop on Fool’s Gold Records points in the direction of a retro-progressive style. Warehouse-heavy tunes back an attitude of skipping glitch and trance; it’s like taking older roots and dipping them into refreshing grime.

With a hand in almost every kind of project possible, Tommy Trash is no stranger to hard work and play. His demanding touring schedule finds itself sharing space with track production, potential horizon collaborations and trashy adventures; murmurs of a record label also like to get comfortable. Don’t pass on the opportunity to witness Tommy Trash create one of his signature parties; buy your ticket here.
Written By Annette Lucero