**TWO NIGHTS**Vanic and Prince Fox @ The LOFT 11/4-11/5
by Annette Lucero


Skin-creeping tracks and reverberating baselines are about to set The LOFT in motion Friday and Saturday night. The local lineup is S.T.A.C.K.E.D.; we’ve got a few new faces premiering and with good reason too! Friday’s local lineup is showing off Abou, Joey P, Leo Himself, Mr.Frien, NuAge Knight, Redshoes and SUNSHINE; Saturday’s got its game covered by Deflorin, FlexZone, KINETiik, k-jack, Renno, Paul Chang and tVrch. Our talented local scene will be spanning the genre spectrum both nights; if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, make sure you’re checking out their sets before the clock strikes midnight.

As for Vanic’s second time in Minneapolis, it’s safe to say a two night marathon has been well earned. The last time Vanic stopped in, The LOFT saw itself brimming with an energy that can only be found amidst a crowd singing at the top of its lungs. Future house wove its way through trappy elements, all the while flirting with melodic dubstep and electro. Vanic’s sets are as musically demanding as they are original; if you’re catching a set, you’re catching a treat. The upcoming, exclusive two nights at the LOFT will be no different. It’s safe to assume that neither night will be alike in both genre and energy; talent, on the other hand, will be guaranteed.

Supporting Vanic yet standing on his own, Prince Fox’s grind is another kind of melodic hypnosis. Characterized by the sound of “future pop”, Prince Fox is no stranger to distinct drums, future chords and entrancing vocals. His under-the-radar persona is a bit impressive; “Fragile”’s popularity helped Prince Fox’s name become an electronic staple, yet fans are still patiently waiting on a debut EP. Here’s hoping Friday and Saturday night prove themselves filled with teased, unreleased material – we’re listening, Prince Fox.


Two nights of the same, musical act are hard to come by in Minneapolis’ electronic music scene and SIMshows is excited to exhibit them with Vanic and Prince Fox. Both artists stray in style from everyone else in the industry, and they do it with the kind of production that make listeners do a double take. Make sure to grab your tickets and head out to the LOFT this Friday and Saturday night; it’s going to be a crazy kind of music marathon.