Summer Set 2017: UGLY GOD
by Bradley Loiederman

Royce Davison was born in Indiana and bounced around from city to city while growing up. He was frequently picked on and sought the internet as his refuge. During college at the University of Southern Mississippi, Davison started channelling his weird, internet-age qualities into music under the rap alias Pussy Bacon. However, his parents found out about this stage name and forced him to change it. And thus Ugly God was born!

He released his first track, “FTBT”, on Soundcloud in 2015 and gained over nine million plays. After his immediate success with the first few tracks he released, he started gaining extreme praise in the new school rap scene; this led to him signing to Asylum Records and releasing “Water” in 2016. Ugly God gained an insane amount of popularity from this track and even saw this track hit Billboard’s Hot 100. Since 2016, Ugly God has announced the scheduled release of his first mixtape, titled The Booty Tape; following his mixtape announcement, Ugly God was named one of XXL Magazine‘s “2017 Freshman Class”. In the past couple years, Ugly God has seen a tremendous amount of success before evening releasing his first mixtape. With his mixtape scheduled to come out right before Summer Set, it’ll be the perfect time for his festival debut!