Vanic @ The LOFT 2/20
by Annette Lucero

A little hazy, dazed and melodically hypnotizing, Vancouver native Jesse Hughes is no stranger to beautifully reworked remixes and borderline pushing productions. One of the most anticipated acts to watch for in 2016, Vanic’s high potential is no tall tale. Jesse Hughes brings together an unusual array of hits, as his previous works include tracks slowly slipping off the radar, only to be reworked into intoxicatingly, dazzling works. Indy-synth meeting trappy beats and melodic dubstep at the crossroads is how Vanic tracks are characterized. Their unusual niche combination has teased a sub-genre into creation, as Vanic fans line the musical spectrum. While some followers practically shower in trap, other supporters rarely dip their toes past Indy; that is, until Vanic gets involved.

Musically inclined since four years old, Jesse Hughes dabbled in piano at first before progressing into a metal head and hardstyle enthusiast. Vanic’s multiple genre addictions mirror his erupting production; melodies speak as soulfully as lyrics. What’s more, Jesse Hughes’ ear for touching vocals deepens the presence “Vanic” holds upon listeners. Collaborations are not simply good; they’re eerily haunting. Vocalists illuminate the emotional deep end and pull heartstrings irresistibly; good luck not finding yourself addicted.

What’s more, Vanic’s 2015 surge into the spotlight was characterized by a tour across multiple venues and festivals. With honorable mentions including Global Dance Festival and Electric Zoo, it’s no surprise to see Vanic looking at the horizon for 2016; anything goes with a sub-genre’s creation at one’s fingertips. The harder battle for Vanic to conquer may be placing his own vocals upon a track, as he’s previously hinted at their camera shy, limited capabilities.

Witnessing an artist of Vanic’s production caliber is already lucky enough. Yet, to watch Jesse Hughes in the comfort of Minneapolis and within the location-friendly LOFT is almost too good to be true. Don’t pass the opportunity to experience one of 2016’s most exciting artists live; buy your tickets here.

Written by Annette Lucero