Vicetone @ Rev Recap
by Bradley Loiederman


The sky was bright, the lights were glimmering, the weather was perfect, and it was time to shimmy on down to the most vibey show of the weekend at Rev on Saturday! Immediately when you walked down the stairs, music was blaring, light were gliding through the dance floor, and 3d graphics filled the walls. The night started with Zach Morin spinning some of the best tracks in house and electro, both local and worldwide. After warming up the crowd with some ground-shaking house sounds, Dre took the booth and slaughtered the dance floor with a mixture of smooth, groovy house and big room bangers that created a rollercoaster of energy throughout the club. After the locals continued to bring immense amounts of Minnesota talent to Rev, it was time for the Dutch producers to give it their go!


Vicetone walked into the booth and started their set with excitement and glee, opening their set with a mix of energetic electro-house and feel-good progressive tracks. As their set continued into 1am, they made sure the crowd wasn’t getting tired with a medley of big-room bangers and electro-house breakbeats. After making sure the crowd was all up and ready to party until the break of dawn, Vicetone started tossing track after track of their amazing progressive productions onto the dance floor, making the entire crowd hit the ceiling in ecstatic joy! And for those that weren’t as familiar with Vicetone as others, they blended many of their tracks, like “United We Dance”, with legendary songs that everyone knows. Not only did they make sure to include everyone in the fun, but it also showed their extreme skill as DJs, blending in and out of multiple tracks with ease. As the night came to an end, Vicetone brought their set back to the beginning, blending together electro and progressive and creating a powerful and uplifting end to the night. As they wished everyone a good night, the crowd started to cheer, “One more song! One more song!” The lights turned back on, and showing that they truly love their fans, Vicetone came back on stage for not only one more song, but two! Vicetone really showed their talent as producers and Djs, as well as their extreme love and appreciation for their fans, at Rev on Saturday; hopefully they will be back in Minnesota to spread the love again soon!


All in all, Vicetone at Rev was the best way anyone could have started their May! The locals reminded us that Minnesota is where it’s at, and Vicetone brought some of the best progressive feels a vibey fan could ask for. If you were there and didn’t want it to end, or if you weren’t able to make it out, there are still plenty of other options to get hugged with good vibes this month! Coming up on Friday, Ferry Corsten is bringing some beautiful trance feels to Rev, so get your hearts and trance pants ready!