What So Not @ City Hall 4/5/2014
by SIMshows Ticketing


What So Not hails from the original Sincity itself Sydney, Australia. This duo, comprised of two of the latest rising electronic acts Flume and Emoh Instead, brings a sound that draws inspiration from their passion for hip-hop and bass music as well as their firm grasp on experimental pop production. It easily adapts to the ever-changing dance music environment while maintaining its own unique stamp.

United by a shared love of surfing and the sweaty heat waves of the dancefloor, they set out to create a project inspired by the most universal of feelings: fun.

With a multitude of “trapstyle” and experimentally-driven 808-filled tacks released on their SoundCloud, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern electronic sound, and it has created a powerful niche for them in the current trap scene.

With the who’s who of EDM dropping their tunes on BBC Radio 1 & every major festival around the globe, it’s no surprise the WSN boys are jet setting across the globe for their first 2014 tour.


See what all the rave is about and catch them THIS SATURDAY at City Hall (formerly known as MUSE) alongside GTA. Click here for pre-sale tickets. 


Listen to their latest track, “Jaguar” and check out what Sweat it Out had to say about the tune here:

“You know when you accidentally leave the caps lock on when writing an email – and people get offended because they think you are screaming at them.

This is no accident.


If it were a human, it would be obese in every way. Full with melody and hooks, but equally stuffed with an eruption of bass and euphoria, this is THAT TRACK. It’s got the signature What So Not sound, but then it’s like the fat kid hung at the buffet all day, and just plied himself with everything on the (what so not) menu. It’s the hot chick that can sing and dance and hold down an amazing conversation.”