Why I Do What I Do – by Jack Trash
by jacktrash

I was digging around an old computer this afternoon looking for a old Bingo Players fave I have not listened to in a while (couldn’t even remember the name of the track), and ended up coming across a whole gang of old tracks that I have not listened to in a long time.  I did this right after I was checking out some new cuts on Beatport, and found a few gems there as well.  Listening to this collection of old and news tracks got my energy level going crazy, so I grabbed my alaskan malamute and we headed outside for a long walk.  Of course, I dumped a bunch of the old tracks onto my phone so I could rock out while walking the dog.  This got me thinking about how amazing music is, and why I do what I do.

What I do, in case you do not know, is own SIMshows.com.  I manage every aspect of what SIMshows does, as well as djing here and there whenever I can.  It is not always easy.  In fact, the stress load and work load that goes along with being boss is usually way more than I want it to be.  I spend time every day and every night trying to make sure SIMshows is the best it can be, providing entertainment options for people who love music.  I have been promoting and producing events for 20+ years, and the last 24 hours has been an inspiring reminder of why I do what I do…

THE MUSIC 🙂  The music is always changing and always inspiring is so many ways.  Listening to old tracks that on one end sound dated and aged, yet on another end sound like they could blend in with a set of current ragers, invigorates me and excites me about everything going on with music.  The tools used to create keep morphing and changing, yet the groove and melodies still keep coming out through the creative minds that put their hearts and souls into it.  Standing out on the dancefloor at Epis during Bingo Players watching the crazy visual/light show correspond with the amazing stage presence and intense musical rage-fest that the guys were throwing down makes it so worth everything I do.  I have the honor of standing there at the end of the night while people come up and thank ME for what we do.  The irony is that we are ALL in this together, and without everyone supporting the events we can not do what we do.  The scene needs customers, performers, venues, promoters, lighting jockeys, visual jockeys, creative performers, and a whole host of other entities to move forward in a positive manner.  I always feel so lucky when people thank me, as I know 100% that I need them more than they need me.  No one really needs me (or SIMshows), as entertainment options are always available in a variety of forms.  The fact that people have supported the companies I have been involved with for soooooo long is literally one of the greatest joys of my life.  I look forward to watching people rock out to headliners, rock out to local talent, rock out to dancers, rock out to my sets, rock out to the person standing next to them, rock out to whatever pleases their plate.

Saturday night I got to dj and play a bunch of the old cuts I was feeling, plus a bunch of new jams I am feeling as well.  I get to take part in this magical musical experience that I feel I share with so many of you.  I am lucky.  I am thankful.  Music is cool.

This is why I do what I do 🙂