Windsor’s Weekly 3/2
by SIMshows Ticketing

Windsor's weekly 1.1 png

Welcome back to another edition of Windsor’s Weekly. This week I have work from five different artists ranging from chill trap to some funky house. Starting off this edition we have a new tune from Australian producer Elk Road. This is the Elk Road remix of Brittney Spears’ hit single “Toxic.” Elk Road did an excellent job of taking this top 40 hit and making it a solid progressive house record. Following that euphoric “Toxic” remix we have a new bootleg from a duo that goes by Pelari. The guys give us their funky rendition of the popular Daft Punk track “Around The World.” I am a big fan of this bootleg, I just wish it was longer! Next up is a chill trap cut titled “I Need You To Need Me” by a Canadian producer who goes by OBESØN. I have been a huge fan of chill/ambient trap lately. This track is definitely up there with the rest of the best. After that we have a heavier trap tune titled “XL” from Eliminate featuring So’L Raze. I used to be a big fan of rap and hip hop and I have lately been diggin’ a lot of trap tunes that have a lyricist over them. Another good example of that kind of track is “Mosh Pit” by Flosstrdamus featuring Casino. Finally, wrapping up this week’s edition of Windsor’s Weekly, we have some new work from a local duo that goes by WHALE/S. The guys just released “THE CONSTELLATION GUIDE PT I” and have the brand new EP featured as a free downlaod. If you have ever had the chance to catch WHALE/S perform live then you know that this dual drum kit duo brings a whole new meaning to “Live EDM.” That is all I have for you this week, be sure to check back next Sunday for more fresh jams.