Windsor’s Weekly 5/25
by SIMshows Ticketing

Windsor's weekly 1.1 png

I am glad to be back again with another edition of Windsor’s Weekly. This week I have  found three new tunes and one new mix for all of your ears! First up we have the Lookas remix of the classic War track “Low Rider.” I must say, I have heard a good amount of remixes of this original and I think this is the best remix that I have heard yet. Great job on this one Lookas! Following that we have a new remix from Flaxo. This is his remix of Ms. Jackson by Outkast. This chill trap remix will take you on a nice trip down memory lane and have you singing along from the get go. After the Ms. Jackson remix we have an amazing new remix from Sons of Maria. This is their mesmerizing remix of Me & My Toothbrush’s original track “Fair Enough.” With the help of some emotional lyrics and keys along with a phenomenal bassline, this track has some serious soul! I am very excited for this to be released next week on Enormous Tunes! Finally wrapping up this edition of Windsor’s Weekly, we have a new dj mix from Detroit locals, Golf Clap. This is their 24 hour Marathon Mix that was made in light of Movement Festival being held this weekend in Detroit. Golf Clap will be playing at the festival and also will be hosting their very own 3 day long Official Movement after party at the Exodos. That’s all for this week, see you guys next time!