Windsor’s Weekly 5/4
by SIMshows Ticketing

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Welcome back to another edition of Windsor’s Weekly. I am proud to be back with a handful of new tracks for all of your listening pleasures. Starting off this week we have a new track from a producer out of Britain that goes by Francois. “I Can Feel It” is the title of this new track which is actually the debut release on a new record label called Nite Records. Check out Francois’ work below and be sure to follow him and Nite Records, as there will be plenty of more awesome tunes coming from both sources in the near future. Up next we have a new preview for an upcoming collaboration EP between Andre Crom and Chi Thanh. Their “Black Sky EP” is set to release May 12th via OFF Recordings and features two original tracks from Crom and Thanh. “Black Rain” and “Arosa Sky” are both amazing deep house tracks and are sure to take any listener on a journey through the underground. Scope out the previews below! After the “Black Sky EP” we have some new work from Italian tech house producer Sonny Fodera. Fodera recently dropped a new EP earlier last week on Suara Records titled “Can’t Deny”, which features two original singles along with two remixes. The track I chose from the EP was Sonny’s single titled “It’s Like That.” Much like the previous work from Crom and Thanh, this too, will take you on a deep journey through the underground. While you’re on that journey through the underground you mine as well stay there and listen to this next tune as well. The next track is Milldyke with their original single “So Sexy.” This ghetto house track has a rockin bassline and catchy melody that is bound to make any listener bop along to the beat. Be sure to grab the free download if you’re diggin it! Finally wrapping up this edition of Windsor’s Weekly, we have the newewst work from Above & Beyond. If you were lucky enough to catch their live accoustic show then this song should sound very familiar as they premiered it there and actually had no original “Club Mix” of the track until now. With that, our final track of the week is “Sticky Fingers.” Check out the preview below and sit tight until the release on May 19th via Anjunabeats. That’s all for this week, catch you guys back here in 7 days!