Windsor’s Weekly 7/27
by SIMshows Ticketing

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Thanks for checking back to another edition of Windsor’s Weekly. This week I have three new trap tracks and one new dj mix for you. Starting off this post we have Kasbo with a new chill trap original single titled “Something Sad.” If you are unfamiliar with Kasbo, I highly recommend scoping out the young Swedish producer’s soundcloud page. After that we have the Candyland and REVOKE remix of the massive hit single “Gold”, from the Canadian duo Adventure Club. I didn’t know that this track could get any better however, Candyland and REVOKE have taken this already amazing original and given it a whole new life with some heavy bass, and hi hats. Be sure to hit that free download button! Following that awesome remix we have a heavy trap remix of Calvin Harris’ latest hit single “C.U.B.A.”  Frankie Sanchez and Instant Party! present us with an intense “festival trap” remix that is sure to be heard on dance floors across the country. This remix is full of energy, I love it! Wrapping up this edition of Windsor’s Weekly we have a new mix from one of the most diverse and unique up and comers out there, SNAILS. This is his first “SNAILED IT!” Mix which it titled “Coming to America.” The mix is full of unreleased SNAILS material and is in honor of his upcoming American tour dates. I hope you guys enjoy the all the trap this week, check back for more tunes next Sunday!