Windsor’s Weekly 8/10
by SIMshows Ticketing

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Greetings folks! I am back again with another edition of Windsor’s Weekly. Starting off this week we have a new one from Umek and Mike Vale with Chris The Voice. ‘Hard Times’ is the name of this new piece of work and is actually a forthcoming single from Umek’s upcoming artist album “Rhythmia.” Much like their past collaborations, ‘Hard Times’ is looking to be a very promising release for these two tech house producers. If you’re into mesmerizing keys, soothing strings and a rockin bassline, ‘Hard Times’ is right up your alley. After that we have a new one from a producer who goes by the name of Swan. There wasn’t any more information regarding the producer in the track’s info however I am sure we will learn plenty more about who Swan is down the road. The track is titled “Love U” and is sure to be a solid release for Spinnin’ Deep. Following Swan’s work, we have a new remix from Albzzy. This is his remix of Route 94’s “Ain’t Nobody” and boy does this one feel amazing. The young producer from the UK is going to blow up any day in the tech/deep house scene, just mark my words! Finally, wrapping up this edition of Windsor’s Weekly is a new track from one of my favorite groups, My Digital Enemy. This is their preview of their newest piece of work titled “Bassline Soundz.” No release date or any other information is out on this track yet, so for now, enjoy the preview!