Windsor’s Weekly
by SIMshows Ticketing

 windsors weekly

Greetings readers! We are very happy to present a new blog post that will be happening every Sunday called Windsor’s Weekly. My name is Cameron Windsor and in this post I will be sharing a handful of awesome tunes that I have been bumping the past week. These tracks will come from genres all across the dance music spectrum. If you want to learn more about my background in the dance music scene you can click here. My goal with the Windsor’s Weekly post is to encourage everyone to listen to different music and try out new genres, you never know what you may find and what you may like. This world is full of amazing and unique music, never stop searching!

Starting off the first Windsor Weekly post we have a new track from Don Diablo. This deep house cut titled “Got Me Thinkin” is the perfect Sunday soother track, these good vibes will leave you tapping your foot and bobbing your head to the beat.  Next up we have another new tune from this week. This one is titled “Trouble” by Memorecks. Some of you may recognize this track from Zed’s Dead’s essential mix from last February, and finally 11 months later the song is out for free download! After that we have a new trap track from the masked maestro UZ. This collab with Aazar is titled “Shake” which features a couple really cool sounding synths, some heavy bass and of course the classic “Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya” sample. Next up we have a really cool remix from Excision and Downlink. This is their remix to Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You.” This heavy remix is sure to get all you dub heads heated up. Finally wrapping up the first Windsor Weekly post we have the latest and greatest from A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, otherwise known as the duo, Duck Sauce. Below you will find the duo’s 4 track EP titled “Duck Droppings.” These groovy tunes are all available for free download and are a refreshing change from the current EDM bangers we are all used to hearing. Check out all the tracks below and be sure to grab the free downloads if you’re diggin’ them! I hope everyone enjoyed this edition of Windsor’s Weekly and be sure to check back next Sunday for some new jams!