Wolfgang Gartner @ REV 2/11
by Annette Lucero

One foot in, one foot out; Wolfgang Gartner’s sound is a fusion of old school electro and deep house veins. Add in a dash of progressive, and behold: we have “complextro”. While Joey Youngman has been deep in the scene since 1993, he’s been rocking “Wolfgang Gartner” since 2011. The LA producer isn’t shy of making heads turn; his music demands an audience. What’s more, it’s been over three years since Wolfgang Gartner last graced Minneapolis. His “Hounds of Hell” tour previously stopped into EPIC with Tommy Trash, and we have to say, it was a night for the books.

If that tour stop didn’t take you back, then we recommend checking out Wolfgang Gartner’s and TIESTO’s track, “We Own the Night”. Memory lane just got ten shades darker and stronger, as “We Own the Night” took the scene by storm in 2012. As for another crowd favorite, one cannot go wrong with “Illmerica”, a seething track shattering the listener’s bounded perception of Wolfgang Gartner’s sound. The music video is a work of art in itself; it’s a grinding history lesson on American events.


Ask yourself the last time you saw an internationally-acclaimed artist work with turntables; if the answer is, “it’s been a while”, you really want to find yourself at REV this coming Saturday. We can’t stress it enough; Wolfgang Gartner is a force to be reckoned with. His set experience stretches all the way back to the 90’s rave scene; he’s witnessed it all. REV may find itself taking a trip back in time to witness a little bit of techno and a whole lot of “complextro”. Make sure to join us this Saturday night at REV; buy your tickets here.