by Annette Lucero

“Complextro: Defined as the fusion of old school electro, undertone deep house and a dash of progressive”. In the realm of music, complextro is Wolfgang Gartner’s sound. The LA native has been on the pioneer front since 1993; his evolution is the byproduct of relentless sound hunting. What’s more, Wolfgang Gartner sets are characterized by their hungry energy. They draw in listeners and demand immediate attention; a Wolfgang Gartner set is not your typical experience. With tracks such as “Ilmerica” and “We Own the Night” spanning the realm of sound, one never knows what to expect from Wolfgang Gartner. You just know that this seasoned veteran does not f*ck around when he plays. Teased material, seamless turntable mixing and a loyal fan base make Wolfgang Gartner sets all the more exhilarating when presented. Make sure to catch his set at Summer Set this year!