W&W Recap!
by Bradley Loiederman

The weather was warm, the sky was clear, and the city was packed with people ready to party; it was the start of a great night! The minute you walked into Skyway and walked up the stairs, you could feel the electro and trance filling the rooms. The night started with Kongus spinning some of the hottest electro house and big room bangers the scene has to offer! His set seemed to build with the crowd, slamming heavier and heavier tracks as everyone started packing onto the dance floor. After Kongus started the night off with a blast, Jack Trash took the stage and continued the party with some of the hottest house and electro to hit the scene, both old school jams and new age tunes! He also mixed in a little melody-filled tracks to get the trance feels started. As the night got closer to the end, Kenneth G took the stage and showed Minneapolis what Amsterdam electro house is all about! By far one of the best sets I’ve seen at Skyway this year, Kenneth G spun the perfect mix of big bangers, unknown electro and progressive house, and his own heart-racing tracks. That mixed with the multi-colored lights bouncing around the room made it a perfect set to get the crowd hype for the rest of the night!


After Kenneth G, the room got dark and silent, bringing the crowd on the edge of their seat eagerly awaiting the headliner. After a short wait, the lights went bright, and the W&W logo took the background wall! W&W came onto the stage and quickly turned Skyway into a gigantic jumping and dancing fest. Their set was everything we were all hoping for and more: it included festival bangers, new tracks of theirs with a melodic focus, unknown trance and electro house tracks from artists that are just coming up, and old school tracks of theirs that took you back to the mid and late 2000s. Their unique sound filled Skyway from wall to wall and shook the floor. This amazing set mixed with the visuals created a night not to forget! W&W were also so ready to get the crowd pumped, throwing up visuals of Prince and getting the entire crowd to shrink to the floor and jump to the sky after a drop. Even though it wasn’t a sold out Skyway show, W&W made sure everyone had more fun than they ever would’ve imagined!


And we can’t forget about the locals spinning all night at Studio B, dropping some of the grimiest dubstep and trap tracks around! Whether a trance fan or bass head, there was no way to spend your night better than at W&W! If you’re ready for another great weekend or wanna make sure you’re not missing another show, check out our schedule here and make sure to check out Shiba San at Rev on June 4th!