Xilent @ The Loft 9/10/15
by Bradley Loiederman

Xilent, a dubstep producer hailing from the UK, stormed through the scene in 2011 and has quickly become an icon in the dubstep scene around the world. After a very long wait, he is finally coming to Minneapolis on September 10th at The Loft!



In 2009, Eryk Kowalczyk decided to follow his passion and start producing bass music, and Xilent was formed! In 2011, just under two years since his debut, he released his groundbreaking track, “Choose Me II”, which was quickly picked up by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 and dominated the top of the Beatport Dubstep chart for over three months! Xilent also became a finalist in the Beatport Music Awards in 2011, being nominated alongside artists such as Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Nero, and Feed Me. His momentum sped up even more through 2012 and 2013, with the release of two EPs and countless remixes for artists such as Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Sub Focus, and Excision. Moreover, in 2013, Xilent released his hit track, “Boss Wave”, which has over five million plays on YouTube and won the BMA award for Best Music Video! He released his first LP, titled “We Are Virtual”, just three months ago, stripping away from his heavy bass routes and testing the waters in other genres. In just a few short years, Xilent has left his footprint in the electronic field and continues to shake the minds and bodies of bassheads everywhere!



Xilent stands out of the crowd of bassheavy producers because of his versatility within different genres. You can even see his extreme versatility by looking solely at his LP, “We Are Virtual”. The opening track, “Connect”, is a choppy banger with sharp, dirty notes and heavy, vibrating basslines. However, moving to the next song on LP titled “Revolution”, the vibe goes from heavy to happy, with softer melodic tones and a bouncy house beat. The rest of the LP is filled with tracks that overflow with trance elements, house vibes, and bass-filled bangers, perfectly representing Xilent’s intense versatility in many genres of electronic music. Another quality of Xilent’s music that makes him stand out is his ability to make head-banging dubstep tracks yet still keeping their emotional beauty. Take a look at his remix of Au5’s “Snowblind”, and you’ll find a beautiful intro and buildup that will bring huge grins to the face of its listeners, a boppy first drop that will make everyone in the club hit the roof, and a grimy second drop that will cause the crowd to go berserk in the best possible way! Xilent’s versatility within different genres of EDM, mixed with his ability to go from beautiful to bouncy to basstastic all in one track, is the reason he has made such a name for himself in just a few years and makes him an artist not to miss!



One reason why Xilent may be one of the most versatile bass artists in the field is because he’s constantly producing and remixing different tracks, often releasing multiple tracks and remixes every month. Although he is constantly playing shows around the world, he still makes time to work on furthering his ability as an artist. When talking to UKF back in 2014, Xilent spoke about his determination to continue creating tracks and perfecting his sound: “I’m on a constant quest for perfection. I’m never really satisfied with anything because I’m always thinking I want to do it better.” With his persistence in releasing new content and strengthening his sound, Xilent is not an artist to miss!



With his extreme rise to success in just a few years mixed with his versatility and determination to constantly release new content, Xilent is an artist that will always put on a unique show no matter how many times he comes around! So get your bounce shoes, heavy heads, and good vibes ready to welcome this Brit to Minneapolis on September 10th!


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