JUST ANNOUNCED: Northern Lights Tour Featuring Zeds Dead!
by Bradley Loiederman


A little more than a day ago, Zeds Dead announced a new album, titled Northern Lights, to be released in the fall. It has been about two years since Zeds Dead has released an album and about four months since they’ve released a new track, so the announcement comes with extreme anticipation! However, what we’re more excited about is that they will be stopping in the Twin Cities during their album tour on October 14th, and pre sale tickets are already available!


Starting in 2009, Zeds Dead has quickly gone from being a small-time production duo in Toronto to one of the biggest names in dub! They started on Myspace producing high energy beats and quickly started a weekly party in a dive bar in Toronto. After using the party to bring themselves and many other producers into the spotlight, they went on both a North American tour and a European tour in 2010, bringing international attention to themselves. Since this, they have released four Eps, played many festivals and tours, and even have helped create music experiments. Zeds Dead are an iconic group for the newer EDM scene, and their return to the cities in the fall will be absolutely magical!

The main reason I’m extremely excited about this announcement is because seeing Zeds Dead live is more than just seeing a talented duo perform; it’s truly a magical experience. Zeds Dead was the first EDM act I ever saw live in 2011, and after watching these guys take over the room with enchanting bass and melody sucked me completely into electronic music. Not only are their sets ground-shaking and energetic, but their mixing skills and charisma are qualities that most DJs can’t replicate. When you watch them on stage, you can tell that this is what they’re meant to do, and it’s really a special moment to have as an EDM fan. And the best part about this show? If you act fast and get a pre sale ticket, it’s only $30! Even with their extreme growth in popularity since 2011, the price to see them live has stayed the same! Seeing Zeds Dead live is something every EDM fan must do at least once in their lives, and getting a pre sale ticket is the best way to assure your spot at the show! If you’re looking for a ticket, check out their website here.

The fall will be an exciting time for Zeds Dead, releasing their first album in over two years and touring on their largest North American tour so far! This album and tour marks extreme growth in their career within a few short years, and the insanely low pre sale ticket prices are definitely not something to sleep on! So let’s get our big hearts and excited smiles ready to welcome these two Canadians to the Twin Cities on October 14th! Keep an eye out for a venue announcement in the next couple weeks, and make sure to grab your pre sale tickets here!